We develop websites for farms, bakeries, other local food businesses, and local food nonprofits.  All websites we create:

  • are designed to adjust and adapt to every screen size, from mobile to desktop computer
  • are optimized for good visibility in Google (SEO)
  • are set up to allow the client to make website updates quickly and easily on their own (and they can still ask us to make updates)

We can also help you decide whether you even need a new website, and we'll be happy to simply make updates to your current website. Need a website? We'd love to hear from you. Get in touch!


Organic Blueberry Ranch


U-pick Farm Website

This farm website includes a news area, email signup, and interactive map.


Vintage Meadows Farm

Family Farm Website

This farm website includes recipes, news area, email signup, and interactive contact form.


NWI Food Council

Food Council Website

This food council website includes an event calendar, news area with lots of photos, and email signup.


Marilyn's Bakery

Bakery Website

This bakery website includes a photo gallery of custom cakes, contact form, news section, and event calendar.

We developed an online order form for customers to pre-order pies for Thanksgiving and Christmas; and an online store for the bakery to take orders to ship toffee across the country. (Both of these items are only visible during the holiday season.)


Northeast Indiana Local Food Network

Food Non-Profit Website

This food network website includes a contact form and email signup, with additional website components planned for the coming years as the organization grows.


Frozen Garden

Website Updates

For Frozen Garden, a food startup, we developed text and programming to create a multi-column section on their existing Shopify home page. We also developed text for several pages of their existing website.

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