What our clients have to say

“Oh my gosh... I can't believe this... There are so many steps we're simplifying — this is amazing! You're the best. Folks say they like the new site! I love it! Thank you so much Sarah and Grapevine Local Food Marketing for all your help.”

— Aeros Lillstrom, Who Cooks For You Farm

"OMG!!!!!!! We love it... I'm actually crying it's so perfect. It is totally us... I don't even know what all to say it's just amazing. You are the heart's a flutter... I'm so proud of it and I didn't even make it... I knew it would be good but WOW.... Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Amy Mackiewicz, Ivy’s Bohemia House

"We love the website! It's absolutely perfect and we're really excited!"

Wayne Sydni, Ivy’s Bohemia House

“Thanks for creating and designing a beautiful and professional website for us! It has definitely helped our business grow and expand!! Thanks Sarah and Katy!”

— Katrina Schrock, Vintage Meadows Farm

“We have seen a nice increase in business and I really think that the Facebook posts are helping greatly.”

— Mylese Tucker, Nature's Cupboard

“The cards came in the mail earlier this week, and they look fantastic. I wouldn't have wanted to try to squeeze in any more text (thanks for that advice!) but they don't look too full. They're just what we needed — professional quality, useful, and beautiful.”

“I just looked at the sample email you put together and it looks incredible. Thank you for creating that structure for us. I can't wait to send out the first real one.”

— Liz Brownlee, Hoosier Young Farmers Coalition

“My favorite is that you guys took care of things!!!  Great job this year.  Glad we have you on our team!”

— Barbara Tracy, Marilyn's Bakery

“I want to let you know that I continue to get rave reviews on the Local Food Network logo and tagline.”

“You have such an amazing wealth of knowledge and are such a tremendous resource for me and for the Local Food Network.  Can't thank you enough.”

— Janet Katz, Northeast Indiana Local Food Network

“You are so wonderful! Thank you for providing this update! It makes me so happy to see you making our website more beautiful, more user friendly and searchable. I feel so much gratitude to have you on board doing this work. We couldn't do it without you. This is a very exciting time for the website and it's very much thanks to you!”

— Katie Jamieson, Edible Michiana

“Thanks so much. You've been great to work with. We really appreciate your help and expertise.”

— Edmund Brown, Cairncrest Farm

“Grapevine ads on Facebook have really made a difference — we are getting new 'likes' to our page every week and are enjoying a good customer base to the market each week!”

"Thanks again for helping us plunge into the social media space — as you played a big role in helping 2017 be a successful market season!” 

—Tracy Fox, MPH, RD, Culver Farmers' Market

“I have been working on getting this content added to the website... I just want to say that I LOVE everything you guys put together!!! I think I only changed one sentence in the entire thing! Still working on getting it all in there, but I'm very happy already with the changes.”

“I really appreciate all that you and your team have done helping build the Frozen Garden brand!”

— Allyson Straka, Frozen Garden

“Sarah, from Grapevine, has been pivotal in our growth as a small farm and business. In our first year working with her, our sales tripled. Before meeting her, we really weren’t sure that we could afford to continue. Now we’re feeling more confident that, through Grapevine marketing and planning, we can continue to grow. Thanks, Sarah!”

— Phoebe Plomaritis, Acorn Acres Farm

“Thank you so much Sarah! Our website training was wonderful! On the trip home, we all agreed we had made the absolute best choice for our website designer! Besides your talent at designing, your love for healthy communities through local food was priceless!”

— Phyllis Miller, Elkhart County Food Council

“Thank you for all of your help!  Everything went smoothly and I am loving the email template. So easy. Thank you for guiding me through every step of the process and explaining everything in a way that was incredibly easy to understand.”

— Kendall Dick, Edible Michiana

“Ben and I both think you've outdone yourself and we're blown away by everything.  You put together some beautiful concepts and it felt so nice to be pulled in by them.  Not knowing what to pick is a nice problem to have. I can't thank you enough for all the time and effort you poured into this project—it means SO much.  Having all the explanations and branding ideas displayed helped a great deal, and I know that all takes a lot of time.  You nailed it, Sarah! Thank you for being so wonderfully talented and intuitive.”

— Anne Massie, Grounded Earth Farm

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