Marketing Services

Grapevine specializes in marketing for small farms who market direct to consumers, other local food businesses, and local food non-profits.  We serve smaller businesses with simple turnkey marketing options, and we also offer high-level consulting for those who want to strategically build out their marketing efforts.



We have almost two decades of experience in website development, and we love putting that experience to good use for farms and other local food businesses. The right website will: 

✓ Make it easy for customers to find you by Googling your name.
✓ Help customers build trust in you and develop a good understanding of your products and practices.

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Google marketing & directory listings

We'll create a Google listing for your farm or local food business, along with pages on directory websites. We can also create Google ad campaigns, and help ensure your website is easy to find in Google. Google marketing is a good option if your goals are:

✓ To see an increase in new customers who are actively seeking what you have to offer — even if they haven't heard of you yet.
✓ To continue to receive results well after the initial work is done.

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Email newsletters

We can send out weekly or monthly newsletters for you, or even set up a system that will enable you to send your own newsletters with no technical expertise needed. Email newsletters typically:

✓Increase shopping by repeat customers.
✓ Help customers build a better appreciation of you, and a better understanding of your products and how best to prepare them.

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Social media advertising

Social media advertising is a great way to update past and current customers while getting the message out beyond your existing fan base. Typical results for farms and local food businesses include:

✓ Reach approx. 1,000-5,000 people per post, including fans and others who don't already know you.
✓ Experience a noticeable increase in sales and meet new customers who tell you they heard about you on Facebook.
✓ Provides the fastest results.

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Design & more

We design labels, create magazine ads, create logos and brochures, develop signage, create fresh sheet templates, provide photography, and more. See some examples: graphic designlogosphotography

We also develop custom recipes that can be used to help educate customers, and make it easier for them to buy more from you. 

We're here to help!

If you’re not sure what sort of payoff you might see from a marketing investment, or which option(s)  might work best for you, we're here to help. There’s no single plan that’s best for all local food businesses, and we look forward to developing a plan just for you! Read more about how it works.


Let's get started!

We’d love to have the opportunity to find out about your needs and help you grow your business. Please call us at (219) 225-6565 or get started online. Consultations are free and very casual — no big sales pitch! We'll show you examples and help you choose the option(s) that will work best for you.