Google Marketing & SEO

Google marketing can take several forms, including:

  • making sure that your website is easy to find (aka search engine optimization or SEO)
  • creating Google listings
  • creating listings on other directory/review websites like Yelp and Local Harvest
  • running Google advertising

We help with all of this work, and we'll also help you decide where to start and which of these options is likely to benefit you most.


Google Updates


Acorn Acres Farm

We post weekly updates for this farm on Google, so searchers see the latest news at their fingertips.


Search Engine Optoimization (SEO)

Cairncrest Farm

We worked with Cairncrest Farm to optimize their existing website to make it easier for potential customers to find them in Google. Website traffic from Google increased 70% in just the first month.


Google Maps Photos


Our Google location photos at various small businesses have been viewed 450,000 times around the country!

“Thanks so much. You've been great to work with. We really appreciate your help and expertise.”

— Edmund Brown, Cairncrest Farm


Google Advertising

Frozen Garden

We managed Google search ads for Frozen Garden, an innovative frozen smoothie start-up, until they were able to hire their own marketing director.


Google Listing

Organic Blueberry Ranch

We created a Google listing for the Blueberry Ranch to help new customers discover the farm.


Yelp Marketing

Organic Blueberry Ranch

We created listings for the Blueberry Ranch on several multiple directory/review websites. This helps new customers discover the farm, and gives the farm some control over the information that displays on all these channels — including hours, description, contact info, and photos. 

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If you'd like to find out whether Google Marketing might be a good fit for your farm or other local food business, please get in touch!