Brochures, posters, & more

We can create just about any printed item you need for your farm, bakery, local food non-profit, or other local food business. Some clients come to us with a logo already designed and text already written, and others ask us to start from scratch. We can also help you determine what sort of print items will help you reach customers or achieve other goals.


Farmers Market Poster


Culver Farmers' Market

We worked with Roy Serafin to develop this poster, using the market's existing logo and photos. 


Magazine Ad

Acorn Acres Farm

We arranged advertising in the local food magazine Edible Michiana, and designed an ad using the farm's existing logo with our photography.


Farm Loyalty Card

Acorn Acres Farm

We sourced a fun custom stamp and designed this loyalty card using the farm's existing logo.


Farm Fact Sheet

Countryside Produce

We designed this two-page fact sheet for Countryside Produce, a farm co-op, to use in introducing themselves to restaurants and institutions.


Farmers Market Booth Banner

Acorn Acres Farm

We used the farm's existing logo along with photos we took to design this 4x10' banner.


Press Release

Frozen Garden

We developed this press release for a local food startup.

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